Villa Nokka – Ultimate privacy

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Villa Nokka

Idyllic winding road that goes through the scenic countryside, I can’t stop admiring it even though this is the country where I have grown up. Beautiful fields, water here and there, the autumn colors – just so peaceful! We are driving towards Villa Nokka, one of the luxurious villas in Padasjoki next to the national park of Päijänne. The place is situated in a private peninsula, in the middle of the woods. No neighbors around, just the nature, soft wind and quietness. Total privacy!


Villa Nokkia inside The villa itself has the size of 150 m2 and there are 3 bedrooms to choose from. All rooms are modern, but at the same time really cozy and comfortable. I catch myself wondering how nice it would be to spend a Christmas here, or summer holidays or just a week in the middle of winter, enjoying the brisk mornings in the warmth of the fireplace and admiring the scenic lakeside view from the big windows.

And an absolute plus is that there is a 24/7 concierge service available and all your needs will be taken care of at any hour. Pure luxury!


BoatThe villa owner is one of the friendliest men I have ever met, he made us feel like home right from the beginning. He introduces us to one of his colleagues, a multitalented young man Timo, who drives the boat taxi in the area of Lake Päijänne and he also organizes different kind of fishing trips with his co-workers. We will soon experience couple of different fishing trips, but before that it’s time to go sailing!

I have never been on a sailing boat, so this is truly something different. It’s a long marvelous boat. The couple that owns it can handle it with a pure professionalism. They have made a round the world trip with this very same boat. We set off from the harbor of Padasjoki and gently slip towards the open lake. Spectacular scenes and we are just drifting along as the wind takes us further away. The sailing boat has sleeping places for 6 people, own small kitchen and handy little table to enjoy meals. Perfect little get-away place for people who have passion for sailing, water and nature. They are actually planning to make it as a romantic get-away place for couples travelling to Finland. Not a bad idea at all!


Kota We come to a popular recreation area in a lush, narrow island. Couple meters away from the pier there is a campfire place where we enjoy each other’s company at the same time as the food is warming up in the campfire. There is a 6 km long hiking trail from one end to the other, and between there are several natural beaches where you can go swimming. The island is a part of the Natural park of Päijänne and some even spend a night in a tent there – really close to the nature.

After the little break we are divided into two smaller boats and go fishing. We experience the tricky trolling and the fascinating spinning. We even do catch a pike, but there are still some fish that stay unharmed in the waters. The local fishermen know the best places for fishing and teach us and give us handy tricks on fishing. With proper boats, good equipment and professional guides fishing can be a great fun even for ladies.

Fishing boat Fishing boat2

Dining table After a really pleasant day with our staff it’s time to head back to the villa. You really can feel being taken care of and safety is one of the most appreciated things with these people. We arrive back to the villa just in time to see a beautiful sunset, sauna is warming up and it’s time to relax in the outdoor hot tub. It’s starting to be chilly outside, but in the warm +37 degrees water it doesn’t matter. After the gentle sauna it’s time to discover all the delicious meals that the local catering company has delivered for us. Plenty of different dishes are made from Finnish ingredients and the main courses fish and crayfish were all caught from the nearby waters. Truly locally produced food! By an order they can prepare a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner as well as sophisticated dinner parties.

The day has been long and it feels absolutely amazing to slip between the soft bed linen and a big, warm blanket. It doesn’t take long before we fall asleep, dreaming about the beautiful lakeside area where we are at the very moment. Highly recommended!

Fireplace All the services in Villa Nokka are always tailored to the group who is staying there. So if you have your own image of your perfect vacation – just let us know!

For the New Year 2013 there will also be the latest and greatest high quality villa of 185m2 with a sauna house 70m2 available. Will you be the lucky one to experience this one first?

For more details about Villa Nokka, please, visit our website: or contact Luxury Holidays customer service: or call +358 9 2316 5095

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Fishing In Finland!

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Tenojoki is known for the big fish and is the best river in Europe for Salmon fishing! Summer is the best season and lucky ones can catch even 20 kilos of Salmon. Tenojoki is suitable also for the beginners. Local people with many years of experience know all the tricks and they will guide you to make salmon tired enough to be caught! You can troll, use spinning rod or try flyfishing. You might also catch an arctic char and a trout.

You can choose different fishing packages with trips up to the mountains, 400 meters above sea level possible. Absolutely magnificent nature will make you speechless. In the area you might even see a very rare, endangered animal – wolverine.

The Arctic Ocean is near and it gives you a unique opportunity to experience King Crab safari and deep-sea fishing, 1-3 Days trips can be arranged. The biggest king crabs can be up to 15 kilos! After a busy day full of new adventures and fishing our Chef can prepare a delicious meal that can be made of your catch of the day! Definitely worth experiencing! 9284438_source

Winter brings opportunities for combined snowmobile and ice fishing safaris. You can also experience reindeer safaris, skiing and the exhilarating sport of kite skiing. Utsjoki is a suitable area for cross-country horseback riding trips. The midnight sun is amazing and can be experienced from May 16th until July 29th. Autumn brings superb colors; this special period of the year is called “ruska”, nature shows the best colors before the polar night starts. The Northern Lapland is the best place for the Northern lights, it feels like magic to see how the lights are dancing in the sky and changing the colors from green to red, purple and blue. Try to whistle and see what happens!

Accomodation is provided at the very Luxurious Tenojoki villa opening the door to the magical Lapland and Utsjoki. The villa is located in Suoppassuvanto, near the river Tenojoki. Most of the activities are to do with the fishing.

If you want to experience the beauty of wilderness, silence, peace and quietness – Utsjoki and the villa Luxury-Tenojoki are definitely worth visiting. The sights you will see – you will never forget!


Book now Luxury-Tenojoki

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Where to Find the Very Best Accommodations in Finland

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Finnish Lake

Finnish Lake

Finland is a beautiful country with a rich cultural and historical heritage, an enticing place to visit for anyone interested in traveling to Europe. Whether you are interested in exploring the vast acres of untouched woodlands and seas, partying in the maritime city of Helsinki during the summer months when the sun never sets, or even visiting the far north and participating in reindeer sleigh rides, skiing, and ice fishing during the winter, there is something for everyone in Finland, and there are numerous luxury hotels and resorts to choose from.

Finland’s most famous luxury hotel is the Snow Hotel located in the Snow Village in western Lapland, Finland. Each winter, the entirety of the snow village and its accompanying hotel is rebuilt with new architectural designs. The snow hotel is the perfect accommodation for travellers and family holiday parks searching for a truly unique and daring place to stay during their winter vacation. The Snow Hotel suites are each custom-designed in artistic, modern styles and are fully outfitted to keep you warm and comfortable. A stay in a Snow Hotel snowsuit would make for a truly memorable experience.

Visitors to Finland’s capital of Helsinki will find themselves many options for luxury accommodations, including the Hotel Kamp, located in the heart of downtown Helsinki within walking distance of all of the city’s most important and popular attractions. The hotel itself is a historical building, first opened in 1887, and recently renovated to return it to all its original glory. Boasting extremely comfortable and spacious rooms and all of the luxury service and accommodations one would expect from such a hotel, you would be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful stay in Helsinki.

If you are looking to stay in Helsinki but want to get away from the bustle of the city center, the Hilton Helsinki Kalastajatorppa Hotel is another exemplary place to stay. Located on the waterfront and with a private beach, the Hilton Helsinki boasts exemplary service, five-star gourmet food and drink, spacious and convenient rooms with incredible views, and plenty of entertainment.

For visitors to other cities such as Tampere, a good choice is the Sokos Hotel Ilves located along the Tampere River. With excellent views, high-quality service (including special treats and surprises included in each room!), a hopping nightclub, an extraordinary breakfast buffet, and a clean, classy, and modern Scandinavian design, a visitor to Tampere, Finland could not go wrong with a stay at the Sokos Hotel Ilves.

A truly noteworthy Christmas trip for the whole family could not be complete without a stay at the Santa Claus Village in the Arctic Circle, near Rovaniemi, Finland. Each of the 38 individual log cabins are comfortably heated, built and decorated in the traditional Scandinavian rustic style, and include all breakfasts and bed clothes, individual bedrooms (if needed), a terrace, and a personal sauna. Come visit Santa himself at the North Pole during your luxurious Christmas vacation in Finland!

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Book your holiday for summer 2012 now!

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People on the lake

Have you had plans for your summer holiday yet? Wouldn’t it be the time to choose where to spend your unforgettable summer holiday?

Now it is the time to book a cottage for summer 2012. Be quick, because all the best options will be booked very soon!

You can choose the best villa if you follow these links:

Following the link, you will have a list of cottages with prices. Click on the cottage’s picture and you will see more pictures, description of the property and availability calendar. You can easily see a price by choosing the correct dates and pressing the “Calculate” button.

You can narrow your search by only choosing the arrival and departure dates of your vacation from the left side of the page. There are calendars where you can easily see the dates and weekdays. Click the “Search” button and you will again have a list of available villas for the specific time.

Changing day during the high season

During the high season the changing day is usually either Saturday or Sunday and the minimum booking period is 1 week. For summer cottages – summer is the high season and if people want to save money they should arrive to a villa during spring and autumn. For the cottages, located near the ski resorts the high season is usually during spring time (weeks 8 – 17) and also Christmas and New Year.


The weekend price depends on a season. Weekend rentals are limited. Most of the weekends are available for rent only about one week before the arrival day.

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Rental Holiday Cottages

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Fishing in Finland

Fishing in Finland

You don’t need to own a cottage to enjoy a nice vacation in Finland during a lovely summer time or a snowy winter holiday by skiing in some popular Ski Resort around Finland. You are welcome to Finnish cottages! Having a holiday in a cottage is a very good option for staying in Finland and it is good for those who like travelling and self catering.

Spending a holiday in a cottage is a nice way to relax and have a good time with a family and friends. In Finland cottages are booked for Christmas and winter holidays and summer time. The period called “Ruska” (autumn colours), is popular for having a holiday in Lapland around the magnificent views of nature.

Most of the cottages (more than 8000) are located in the West-Turunmaa County (Turku). The next ones are in Hämeenlinna, Kouvola, Salo, Raasepori and Kuusamo where there are more than 6000 summer cottages in each county. Rental prices start from 1000 € a week and depend on the location (near the lake or sea), equipment, the size of the cottage and other accessories. Majority of Finnish people live in South Finland so the demand of the cottages is the most active in this area. The villas in South Finland are fully equipped and available all year round which make them more than just summer cottages.

At the end of 2009 there were more summer cottages than normal, regularly liveable houses in 56 counties altogether. By the report of Statistics Finland 2009 there were about 485 000 summer cottages in Finland.

Finland has thousands of rental cottages for your holiday. Clear water, deserted shores and many small islands – the best Finnish nature views! In a rental cottage you can live luxuriously among nature. A rental villa is usually a fully equipped place to spend a holiday. A villa is usually much larger than a summer cottage and always liveable around the whole year.

Overseas customers are mostly coming from Germany, Sweden and Russia. The most common group is 2-4 people, age between 40-60 years. Even more than half of Finnish customers are coming from Helsinki or neighbouring areas.

Deserted shores in Finland
Deserted shores in Finland

Rental Cottages

You can vary your experience by booking a different villa for each holiday. Families can book a spacious cottage in a child friendly area including lots of activities for children. Groups of men can book a smaller cottage in Kuusamo, for example, and experience snowmobile safari or skiing trips together.

There are always people who haven’t experienced a cottage vacation. People who are thinking about buying their own summer cottage should try to rent it first. To avoid the disappointment you should choose a dealer with a good reputation. Your friends might know one if you ask them about it.

Luxury Holiday offers very luxurious rental villas around Finland. Villas can be found easily from Saimaa or near Helsinki and Tampere. Villas for winter time can be found near the biggest Ski Resorts like Levi, Ruka and Himos.

You can search for rental villas from these areas: South-Finland, East-Finland, Lapland, Western-Finland and Oulu.

Summer cottages

Summer time might be difficult for trying to find any available luxurious villa especially during Midsummer which is usually already booked earlier.

Skiing in Finland.

Skiing in Finland.

Winter holidays

Christmas, New Year and winter holiday weeks are very popular and right time to confirm the booking for these periods is summer. New Year is the most popular time for Russian people and lots of them arrive to Finland for New Year.

Villas located near Ski Resorts and other activities are naturally more expensive than others during winter season.

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Ylläs – Ski Resort and much more!

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Ylläs – Ski Resort and much more!

With 63 slopes and 29 lifts Ylläs is one of the largest ski resorts in Lapland and Finland. Ylläs offers various activities, fun, nightlife, delicious meals, cultural and recreational events and at the same time moments to enjoy the peace and silence of Lapland. The Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park surrounds Ylläs and its worthwhile visiting. The more adventurous people might like to experience husky- and snowmobile safaris, try the super-G slope and off-piste slopes or have a swim in the frozen lake! The most interesting upcoming event in Ylläs is “Finnish championship race for Downhill Kicksled 2011” on Saturday 26.11.2011. The event has now been organized for the seventh time and it is free for all. Would you dare to take part?

More info for championship race for Downhill Kicksled, please visit:​ill-kicksled-2011

We recommend to stay the night at:
- Toukola
- Chalet Aurora
- Ylläsfeeniks
For other accommodation in Ylläs, please visit:

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Ski Resorts in Finland – Salla & Kuusamo

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Ski resorts in finlandFor the greatest possible fishing experience, visit a ski resort in Finland. If you’re the type of person who desires the freshest air and most natural beauty in the world, then Finland is for you. The reason  it’s important to stay at a ski resort even though you’re fishing is simply because of the accommodations and other amenities. For your convenience, only Finland ski resorts with close proximity to great fishing have been covered.


Salla is literally in the middle of the wilderness. If you want to visit an area that few have gone, go straight to the Salla Ski Resort. When you venture out into the wilderness, you can go solo or with a guide. The latter is recommended for your first time out. Also be sure to visit the Salla Reindeer Park, which features domesticated reindeer. Other intriguing aspects for the Salla Ski Resort are that you will be able to see Russia with the naked eye and you might also find trenches and war materials from World War II. As far as fishing goes, if you’re between the ages of 18 and 64, you will need to pay a small fee.

More importantly, there are small and large rivers in the area that are home to mostly trout and grayling. When you’re done with a long day of fishing, you can visit one of the 14 local beaches or enjoy a massage at a local spa. When you return to the Salla Ski Resort, you can dine at a restaurant that uses mostly local ingredients.


Holiday Kuusamon Portti is a family-oriented resort on the shore of Lake Iijarvi. Needless to say, you only have to walk a few steps to go fishing. If you like variety, there are several other lakes in the area. Wherever you go, you will be surrounded by forest, which makes for a very natural and tranquil atmosphere. Popular activities at the Holiday Kuusamon Portti include cross-country skiing, reindeer safari, snowmobiling and white-water rafting – depending on the season. Hassela Ski Resort is another family-oriented option. What makes it appealing to someone who enjoys fishing is that it’s close to the Gulf of Bothia, which is known for its whitefish. You can fish off a large rock by yourself or go on a chartered boat for more of an adventure. As far as the Hassela Ski Resort goes, amenities include snowmobiling, skiing and an indoor pool. Regardless of which Finland ski resort you choose, you’re going to enjoy the best fishing experience of your life.

My name is Nisha Sharma I work as the editor for Holiday365. I have been representing the business for the last 2 years now. Holiday365 offers some great deals in the UK, feel free to visit our site for the latest information on family holiday
parks .

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Skiing resorts in Finland

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Skiing resorts in Finland

Looking for ski resorts that offer excellent facilities for the experienced as well as the novice? Are you fed up waiting in long queues to enjoy this pastime? Look no further than Finland, it has only been known to the English as a place for skiers for the past 10 years or so. It has 22 ski resorts in the northern part of the country, Lapland, 31 resorts in central Finland and 22 in the south of the country.

In Lapland the most popular airport to access the resorts is in Rovaniemi, easily reached from all airports within the country, from there you can travel to some of the best known resorts such as the Yllas ski resort, Ruka ski resort and the world-famous Levi Finland ski resort area. Not only do these resorts offer the longest ski runs in the country, are excellent for all levels of skier, they also offer the opportunity to experience the Northern Lights while staying in Finland too.

The Yllas resort offers the longest ski runs in Finland and this helps it to be the largest resort in the country. Not only is there skiing at this resort, but also snowboarding; ski schools and some slopes are lit up at night, enabling those who wish to enjoy the snow the whole day long. There are 29 lifts and 61 slopes, 11 restaurants are near the slopes. Great for families and also for those who desire a more demanding ski holiday; these facilities cater for all.

The Ruka ski resort located in Eastern Lapland, near the Russian border, offers not only slopes but also a snow park and a half-pipe to practise your skills. It has a new pedestrian village centre and is certainly gaining in popularity. If it`s scenery you desire as well as snow, then this is a place to consider. The facilities offered allow novices and experiences skiers to enjoy all.

The Levi centre resort is possibly the most famous in all of the country, here there are 45 slopes and it is the only resort to have a Gondola lift. Restaurants, nightlife and après-ski all add to the excitement of staying in this resort.

And of course all these northern resorts are equipped with ski schools and equipment hire.

If you don`t wish to travel so far north, maybe central Finland is a consideration. Here in the central region of Oulu there is Iso-Syote which will give you a similar experience to Lapland, but is within easy reach of the major cities. Thus allowing the skier to have the best of both worlds.

There are only 15 slopes in Iso-Syote, but they have excellent restaurants, ski schools and equipment hire, shopping and cafes. For those who are more enthusiastic there is the snow park and half-pipe available too. There are 31 ski resorts in central Finland so a vast choice is available.

Southern Finland has 26 ski resorts, Himos is the most popular in the region, this is possibly due to it being easily accessible from all major cities and airports. At Himos ski resort the facilities are of a similar standard to those throughout the country, ski schools, equipment hire, restaurants are all available. Also included in this resort there are miles of cross country trails available and downhill ski runs. Two ski areas make up this resort with 15 lifts and 21 slopes between the two of them.

All ski resorts in Finland offer everything the skier can desire, be it the novice, family or experienced skier. To make more of the surrounding areas and to enable independence, renting a car is a good option, for cheap car hire Helsinki airport and other locations in the city will offer a top class service.

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Metropolitan area of 1.2 million inhabitants

The cities in the metropolitan area – Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen – form an area with over one million inhabitants.

The Office of the President of the Republic of Finland, the Parliament, the Government and various ministries are all located in Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

In addition to public administration, the metropolitan area is also the indisputable centre of trade, culture and science.

The head offices of the most prominent Finnish enterprises, the most famous museums and eight of the twenty universities in Finland are located in the metropolitan area.

The most well-known sights are also to be found in the region. In fact, the majority of domestic and foreign tourism is concentrated in the metropolitan area.

Approximately one-quarter of Finns live in the metropolitan area as well as the majority of non-nationals living in Finland. Jobs are also concentrated in the region.

The cities in the metropolitan area co-operate closely on, for example, services, traffic solutions and housing policy.

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Luxury Holiday

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Luxury Holiday guarantees its customers the best five-star cottages and villas in Finland. The website operates in three different languages (English, Finnish and Russian). Multi-lingual customer service team serves you in six different languages (Finnish, English, Russian, German, Italian and Spanish).


Luxholiday offers its customers informative and user-friendly website and the best customer service. The company’s purpose is to provide its customers with high quality holiday cottages safely for leisure and for business purposes. At the moment, Luxury holiday operates in Finland.

A secure online booking system

Luxury Holiday reservation system is secure and details about our customers’ credit cards and personal information are transferred directly in a special encrypted form. The company is working according to the highest standards and guarantees privacy to all its customers. Additional information is available in a Privacy policy section.

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