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Posted by Anastasia Roivainen on February 8, 2012 – 12:13
Fishing in Finland

Fishing in Finland

You don’t need to own a cottage to enjoy a nice vacation in Finland during a lovely summer time or a snowy winter holiday by skiing in some popular Ski Resort around Finland. You are welcome to Finnish cottages! Having a holiday in a cottage is a very good option for staying in Finland and it is good for those who like travelling and self catering.

Spending a holiday in a cottage is a nice way to relax and have a good time with a family and friends. In Finland cottages are booked for Christmas and winter holidays and summer time. The period called “Ruska” (autumn colours), is popular for having a holiday in Lapland around the magnificent views of nature.

Most of the cottages (more than 8000) are located in the West-Turunmaa County (Turku). The next ones are in Hämeenlinna, Kouvola, Salo, Raasepori and Kuusamo where there are more than 6000 summer cottages in each county. Rental prices start from 1000 € a week and depend on the location (near the lake or sea), equipment, the size of the cottage and other accessories. Majority of Finnish people live in South Finland so the demand of the cottages is the most active in this area. The villas in South Finland are fully equipped and available all year round which make them more than just summer cottages.

At the end of 2009 there were more summer cottages than normal, regularly liveable houses in 56 counties altogether. By the report of Statistics Finland 2009 there were about 485 000 summer cottages in Finland.

Finland has thousands of rental cottages for your holiday. Clear water, deserted shores and many small islands – the best Finnish nature views! In a rental cottage you can live luxuriously among nature. A rental villa is usually a fully equipped place to spend a holiday. A villa is usually much larger than a summer cottage and always liveable around the whole year.

Overseas customers are mostly coming from Germany, Sweden and Russia. The most common group is 2-4 people, age between 40-60 years. Even more than half of Finnish customers are coming from Helsinki or neighbouring areas.

Deserted shores in Finland
Deserted shores in Finland

Rental Cottages

You can vary your experience by booking a different villa for each holiday. Families can book a spacious cottage in a child friendly area including lots of activities for children. Groups of men can book a smaller cottage in Kuusamo, for example, and experience snowmobile safari or skiing trips together.

There are always people who haven’t experienced a cottage vacation. People who are thinking about buying their own summer cottage should try to rent it first. To avoid the disappointment you should choose a dealer with a good reputation. Your friends might know one if you ask them about it.

Luxury Holiday offers very luxurious rental villas around Finland. Villas can be found easily from Saimaa or near Helsinki and Tampere. Villas for winter time can be found near the biggest Ski Resorts like Levi, Ruka and Himos.

You can search for rental villas from these areas: South-Finland, East-Finland, Lapland, Western-Finland and Oulu.

Summer cottages

Summer time might be difficult for trying to find any available luxurious villa especially during Midsummer which is usually already booked earlier.

Skiing in Finland.

Skiing in Finland.

Winter holidays

Christmas, New Year and winter holiday weeks are very popular and right time to confirm the booking for these periods is summer. New Year is the most popular time for Russian people and lots of them arrive to Finland for New Year.

Villas located near Ski Resorts and other activities are naturally more expensive than others during winter season.

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