Luxury Holiday provides protection of all personal information about customers (including credit card information) and guarantees confidentiality.

Data collection

When you make a reservation for a property, you will be asked to complete online form providing for: your full name, address, (business or private) email address, (mobile, home or office) telephone number, credit card details. This information is required to process, book and complete your reservation (including the sending of a confirmation email of the booking to you).

Personal data

For the purposes of completing your booking and save for disclosures required by law, criminal investigations, subpoenas or court orders, we will only disclose your name, contact details and the credit card details to the relevant property owner with which a booking is made. However, please note that from time to time, we may use third party distributors which provide certain services and functions for and on our behalf. These third party distributors may have access to (part of your) personal information in order to perform their services and functions, but are subject to a confidentiality obligation pursuant to which they cannot use, share or disclose the information for any other purpose.

In order to enhance our service and products we use (temporary and permanent) cookies, authorized third party cookies, web beacons and other technologies to collect non-personally identifiable data and to track browsing behaviour and for specific or tailor made offers or advertisements and monitor and record the visits and use of our websites.

Furthermore, we will record and use your IP address, browser type and Internet Service Provider (ISP) for behavioural targeting, fraud, misuse and criminal investigation purposes.

Protecting and safeguarding your online privacy

In accordance with European personal data protection laws, strict security procedures are observed within Luxury Holiday to prevent personal data misuse and unauthorized access.

Protection and security of your credit card information

In order to protect and safeguard the personal data provided to Luxury Holiday, appropriate business systems and procedures are implemented and used. For example, customer’s credit card information is transmitted to Luxury Holiday through a secure server protocol, which encrypts all the personal and credit card details. The encryption method used is the industry standard "Secure Socket Layer" (SSL) technology. Luxury Holiday's SSL certificate has been issued by Thawte: www.thawte.com . Furthermore, Luxury Holiday has implemented and use security procedures and technical and physical restrictions for accessing and using personal information. Only authorized employees are permitted to access personal information for performing their duties in respect of Luxury Holiday's services.

When will Luxholiday.com send you email?

Once you have completed the reservation, a confirmation email will be sent you which include all the details considering your reservation. You can take this confirmation email with you and use it as a verification of your reservation. A few days before your date of arrival Luxury Holiday may send you an email regarding possible information about the destination and also detailed information about your reservation and destination and offerings (also from third parties in the amount you have requested).

Furthermore we will send you a customer evaluation form after your vacation and wish that you will fill it out. By filling out the customer evaluation form you will agree that you evaluation may be published on our website in the particular holiday cottage. The purpose of the evaluation is to give information to (upcoming) customers about the level of service and quality of the holiday cottage. We hold the right to editing, rejecting or deleting according to our own judgement. The customer evaluation forms should be considered as a survey as they do not contain any offering, invitations or incentives.

If you wish to subscribe to our newsletter or campaign information or receive other information about us, we will offer you the possibility to ordering this service. If you wish not to receive our newsletter or other offering, you can click on the Cancel order link to unsubscribe.


Luxury Holiday is at all times entitled to change the way we collect, transmit and process the personal information and such other information as we may deem necessary. This privacy statement may therefore be amended from time to time in order to reflect the latest changes.