The following terms apply to ordering, reserving and cancelling reserved services. These terms become binding for both parties when the customer has paid either the advance payment, or both the advance payment and the final payment, mentioned in these terms of agreement.


Customer pays for the booking online. The booking is confirmed when the customer has paid the deposit 30% of the rental price of the house. The balance should be paid not later than thirty-five (35) days before the start of the stay. If the reservation begins less then in 35 days, the whole amount should be paid using online system.

Along with the deposit a delivery fee of 18€ will be collected. In case the fee and term of payment are neglected, the reservation can be cancelled without a separate notification to the customer.


Card payments can be performed online safely with the Luottokunta SSL-secured payment form. Our company does not have access to cardholder data, and card information is not stored into our systems. Our online store uses the international verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code authentication services, which verify the identity of the cardholder.

Online payments can be made with Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard, and Debit MasterCard payment cards.


Cancellation should be done in written form (by letter, e-mail, fax). The date on which Luxury Holiday receives the notification will be regarded as the date of cancellation. Should the client be able to prove that the cancellation was made and sent to the right address at the right time, a cancellation may be accepted despite late arrival or failure to arrive.

Regardless of the above, all sums with the exception of the deposit paid to Luxury Holiday will be refunded if the client or a person from the same household falls seriously ill, has an accident or dies. In this case, Luxury Holiday must be informed immediately of the cancellation, which must be properly verified by, for example, a doctor’s certificate. If the cancellation is made less than 48 hours from the start of or during the holiday, payments already made by the client will not be refunded.

In the case of a cancellation, the client will forfeit the deposit. If the cancellation is made less than 30 days before the start of the stay, the client will be charged the entire sum for the accommodation. If the accommodation can be rented to another client from whom the equivalent sum is obtained, the deposit will be retained as a cancellation fee.

Luxury Holiday will charge 18€ for any changes to bookings (destination, dates, extra services or number of persons). All changes must be made at least thirty-five (35) days before the start of the stay. Any changes made after this date will be treated as a cancellation of the previous booking and a subsequent new booking.


Luxury Holiday may cancel a booking in case of force majeure situation. In this situation, the client is entitled to a full refund of the sum paid to Luxury Holiday. If the customer fails to pay or misses the payment deadline, the booking may be cancelled without further notification. If a booking has to be interrupted because of disruptive behaviour on the part of the client, no payments will be refunded.


The owner of the cottage has to know the approximate time of arrival of tourists in order to ensure timely delivery of the keys. Arrival time should be reported to the owner of the cottage in advance by telephone or by e-mail.

Keys to the cottage will be given to clients at the time of their arrival at the cottage (this information must be separately verified in the booking confirmation). The owner of the cottage has the right to charge a deposit for the keys in the amount of 100€. In each case there are different rules for getting the keys to the cottage.

If customers rent a cottage for one week, the cottage will be available for the clients from 16:00 on the day of arrival until 12:00 am on the departure day. If the customers rent a cottage for a weekend, the cottage will be available to the clients from Friday 16.00 till Sunday 22.00. Rules of entry and exit from the cottages vary, depending on the cottage. This information must be separately checked on the web page of each cottage or in a booking confirmation.

Furniture, a kitchen and tableware, fuel for heating, cooking and lighting, mattresses, blankets and pillows are included into the rent. The rent does not always include toilet paper, paper towels, soap and other toiletries, as well as the use of a private sauna, located on the shore of a lake or a bay. All these details can be specified when you book the cottage.

Bed linen and towels are not included into the rent (it may depend on a cottage).Tourists can bring their own bed linen or order it when they book the cottage. We recommend ordering bed linen when you book the cottage. You can also ask for the additional change of bed linen during the holiday.

General cleaning is usually not included in the cost of a cottage rent and is paid separately. Sometimes customers are suggested to clean the cottage by themselves. We recommend ordering the general cleaning service when you book the cottage. This information must be separately checked on the web page of each cottage or in a confirmation of your reservation.

While staying in the cottage it is necessary to comply the cleanness of the cottage and the surrounding area. Visitors must leave the cottage in the same condition as it was found at the time of arrival at the cottage. Before leaving the cottage customers must wash the dishes, take out the trash, put the furniture back into its place. Customers should clean the cottage by themselves during their stay in the cottage.

The number of people in the cottage must not exceed the number of beds indicated in the text of the brochure. Customers are not allowed to use tents or caravans in the cottage without the permission of the owner of the cottage. The rules concerning animals and smoking must be followed strictly.

If customers find any problems in the cottage they must immediately notify the owner of the cottage. If the owner is unable to eliminate the defects, please, contact Luxury Holiday Oy.

In case of any damage the customer is obliged to indemnify damage to the owner of the cottage. If customers lose keys they will be charged (300€ - 500€) for the replacement of the lock according to the invoice from the Finnish partners.

If tourists refuse to indemnify the spoilt or broken things to the owners of the cottages, the owners will inform the police about violations and transfer tourists’ data to the Finnish border control authorities and to the Consular Department of the Embassy of Finland in St. Petersburg, Moscow etc., which can then lead to difficulties in getting a visa or denial of visa application to Finland.


In case of damaging the property, the customer is required to pay compensation directly to the owner.

Luxury Holiday will not be liable for any damage or inconvenience incurred by the client in the event of an unpredictable and insurmountable obstacle (force majeure) or some other comparable reason, such as a natural phenomenon, power failure, etc., that was not caused by Luxury Holiday and that Luxury Holiday could not with all due reason foresee. Neither is Luxury Holiday responsible for any damage or inconvenience caused by regular natural phenomena.


Any objections and complaints regarding the holiday accommodation must be made immediately once the cause for them arises and addressed to the owner or custodian of the property direct. If the matter is not satisfactorily attended to, the client should contact Luxury Holiday within 72 hours. Should the matter still not be satisfactorily attended to, the client may make a written complaint to Luxury Holiday. Normally, this should be done within one month of the end of the rental period.


The contracting parties will attempt to resolve any disputes out of court. Should they fail to reach agreement; any disputes will be settled by the Helsinki District Court. The contract is governed solely by Finnish law.


Luxury Holiday reserves the right to correct any errors in the price list before a rental agreement is made. Once an agreement has been made, Luxury Holiday has the right to raise and a corresponding obligation to reduce the agreed price in the event of any changes in the taxes or public charges affecting the price of the holiday service.