We offer you a full service in online booking and payment systems, customer service in six different languages and an already existing customer database from Russia.

Our co-operative partners are several travel agencies in St. Petersburg and Moscow. In our target group are solvent Russian tourists and business travelers, not to forget our solvent domestic travelers. Your holiday cottage is just the right for them, right?


  • Make additional profits without expenses
  • Enhance your holiday cottages’ utilization rate
  • Create last minute offerings
  • Include your business associates as part of the your accommodations booking chain
  • You can use the booking and payment system also in your own web site for a mere 3% commission for charge card transmissions.
  • Leave your marketing with us
  • No reservations = No expenses

Join today and raise your holiday cottage's utilization rate to a whole new level.


Holiday accommodations booking

  • Easy to use reservation system 24/7
  • Customer service in six languages (Finnish, English, German, Russian, Spanish and Italian)

Automatic payment transaction

  • No more unnecessary contacts and claiming payments
  • Payments on time without fail

Managing bookings

  • Manage all your bookings from one system
  • Use an automatic invoice and payments service in your own bookings
  • Real-time reporting on reservations

Managing interest groups

  • Own portal for caretakers and housekeepers
  • You can communicate with the interest groups and create own tasks for them
  • Include travel agencies as part of your accommodations booking chain


  • Automatic customers feedbacks and developments issues of your holiday cottage
  • Enhance the utilization rate with your regular customers